Finding the perfect parking spot in Waikiki can greatly enhance the experience of visitors and locals alike. Here are the top five parking destinations in Waikīkī that are known for their prime locations, convenience, and competitive pricing. These spots ensure a seamless visit, combining ease of access with the best of what Waikiki has to offer.

1. Royal Hawaiian Center

Situated in the heart of Waikiki, the Royal Hawaiian Center is not just a hub for shopping and dining but also a prime choice for parking. With strategic entrances on Royal Hawaiian Avenue and Seaside Avenue, the center is easily accessible. Parking here places visitors just a short walk from Waikiki Beach and offers the first hour free after 10 AM with additional hours at a reduced rate with validation, making it an ideal spot for a day of shopping followed by a relaxing beach visit.

2. Waikiki Shopping Plaza

Located on Kalakaua Avenue, the Waikiki Shopping Plaza features five floors of parking, making it a convenient option during peak times. The plaza provides one hour of free parking with validation, with additional time available at affordable rates. Direct access to extensive shopping and dining within the plaza and proximity to nearby attractions add to its appeal.

3. International Market Place

The International Market Place stands out with its rich history and modern conveniences. This destination features a multi-level parking garage and offers three hours of free parking with a minimum purchase and validation. Located in the heart of Waikiki, it allows visitors to enjoy a unique shopping experience and easy access to other local sites without needing to relocate their vehicle.

4. Waikiki Business Plaza

Perfect for a blend of business and pleasure, the Waikiki Business Plaza on Kalakaua Avenue offers convenient access to a range of business and entertainment venues. Similar to the Shopping Plaza, this location also provides one hour of free parking with validation. Its central location is ideal for those planning a day filled with meetings and evening entertainment.

5. Hale Koa

Available exclusively for military members and their families, Hale Koa offers secure and affordable parking. Adjacent to Fort DeRussy Park and close to quieter sections of Waikiki Beach, it provides unbeatable parking rates and a secure environment, ideal for those eligible.


These top five parking locations in Waikiki provide a harmonious blend of accessibility, affordability, and convenience, facilitating a stress-free visit to one of Hawaii’s most dynamic regions. Each spot offers unique advantages, ensuring that whether one is there for shopping, business, or leisure, they can enjoy the best of Waikiki effortlessly.