About the Waikīkī Business Improvement District

The Waikīkī Business Improvement District (WBID) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that brings together business, government, and community dedicated to the enhancement and prosperity of one of the world’s most renowned destinations. Started in 2000, the WBID was formed to help supplement city services and is supported by grants, donations, and commercial property tax assessments on nearly 3,800 commercial properties within the Waikīkī Special District.

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Shopping, Hotels, Cultural Points of Interest, Statues of Interest, Office Buildings, Civic Buildings, Surf Breaks, Restrooms within the Waikīkī Business Improvement District.

What We Do

Our actions are deeply rooted in the spirit of Aloha. Through our Aloha Ambassador Program, we take immense pride in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of Waikīkī. Our dedicated teams, spanning hospitality, custodial services, and safety, work tirelessly to ensure a welcoming and secure environment for all. Our commitment extends beyond upkeep, as we actively collaborate with community stakeholders on the Safe & Sound Waikīkī initiative, addressing key issues such as crime, mental health and homelessness with compassion and innovative solutions. As conveners for disaster preparedness and training, we are steadfast in our resolve to equip our community with the knowledge and resources to thrive in any circumstance.

Our Mission

Our mission is to steward the evolution of Waikīkī, ensuring it remains a premier destination and community by fostering an environment that is clean, safe, and vibrant. We are committed to enhancing Waikīkī’s appeal through collaborative efforts, celebrating its rich heritage while encouraging sustainable growth and innovation. By uniting business, government, and community, we strive to create a flourishing destination that respects our past and embraces the future, ensuring Waikīkī continues to be a beloved haven for residents and a captivating paradise for visitors from around the globe.

Board Members

Meet the dedicated individuals steering the Waikīkī Business Improvement District towards a brighter future. Below are the profiles and bios of our board members, each bringing unique expertise and a shared passion for Waikīkī’s vitality.

Senior Staff

Discover the passionate team behind the day-to-day operations of the Waikīkī Business Improvement District. Here are the profiles and backgrounds of our staff members, each contributing their skills and passion to nurture the heart of Waikīkī.

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