Disaster Preparedness & Trainings


The Waikīkī Business Improvement District is deeply committed to ensuring the safety and resilience of our community through proactive disaster preparedness and training. We understand the importance of readiness in facing unexpected emergencies, and thus, we actively coordinate with local authorities, businesses, and community groups to develop and implement robust disaster response strategies. Our ongoing training and preparedness initiatives are designed to safeguard the well-being of both residents and visitors, making Waikīkī a safer place for all.


While the WBID is not the subject matter experts in disaster preparedness, we are the convenors of the community, bringing together both local and national organizations to have a gameplan for when disaster strikes.

The WBID partners with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center, the University of Hawaii school of Urban and Regional Planning, the Hawaiʻi Emergency Management Agency, and the City and County of Honolulu’s Resilience Office.

Plans in Place

The Waikīkī Pre-Disaster Recovery Project
In 2015, the Waikīkī Business Improvement District partnered with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center to create a custom Pre-Disaster Recovery Project. The Project aimed to increase the understanding of recovery needs in Waikīkī and build momentum for planning prior to a disaster. The Project focused on the boundaries of the Waikīkī Business Improvement District.

The project was a comprehensive effort to examine the impacts of disaster in Waikīkī and the necessary actions and partnerships needed to plan for a successful recovery. The Phase I report is based on stakeholder engagement, scientific analysis, and a comprehensive review of existing plans and legislation. Part One of the report introduces the need for recovery planning, while Part Two provides Waikīkī-specific recovery planning recommendations. Report attachments include a detailed vulnerability assessment, a disaster debris management plan, a business recovery guide, and other disaster recovery planning resources. See below for attachments.

Plans in Place

The City and County of Honolulu Long-Term Disaster Recovery Plan
The Resilience Office has developed a Long-Term Disaster Recovery (LTDR) Plan for the City and County of Honolulu (City) in collaboration with the Department of Emergency Management. The LTDR Plan provides a roadmap for how the City and local communities can recover from a major disaster quickly, efficiently, and equitably, as envisioned in Action 19 of the City’s Ola: Oʻahu Resilience Strategy.

The LTDR planning process was a collaborative effort among City and State agencies; local non-profits and mission-driven organizations; community and neighborhood groups; and the individuals, families, and systems that make up our island community. This effort was supported by a planning team led by Civix and supported by HHF Planners, Pilina First, and Martin, Chock & Carden.


We are excited to announce upcoming pre-disaster planning trainings, made possible through our partnership with the National Disaster Preparedness Training Center. These sessions will equip our community with the knowledge and skills needed for effective emergency response. Keep an eye on this space or sign up below to stay informed about these valuable opportunities. Your safety and preparedness are our priority.